Friday, August 31

Round III, Sarko rampant in France - this time its the French Bureaucracy and Civil Service

I feel like I am suffering from a disease, I am actually going to praise something about France, not once, not twice but thrice!.

Sarko now wants to reduce the dead hand of the state and reduce the civil service bureaucracy in France. Bloody hell, I am so impressed with this chap, good man!. and He will achieve it as well. This is a man who can shake France out of its sloth!

Mind you, he has to keep an eye out on the common man and the common elements of living, dont ever let the price of bread rise too high/too fast, Sarko, therein lies the seeds of revolution.

Some excerpts from the Independent

The principal exception was his promise to cut into the bone of the French state, which employs 40 per cent of the working population. Previous attempts to impose such biting reforms have been successfully resisted by the civil service and by trades unions. President Sarkozy said that he was "not afraid of reform of the state because we need a strong state and a state cannot be strong if it is collapsing under the weight of debt and stifled by bureaucracy".

"All structures will be simplified and all useless organisations will be abolished," he said. The two separate agencies within the sprawling finance ministry which assess and collect taxes would be merged. So would the two agencies to help the unemployed.

Go Sarko Go!

And perhaps Gordon Brown could ask Sarko about something about kicking economic butt besides wittering on about Darfur. Those wittering ons are just talk, not much use but Gordon can actually do something about the dead hand of the state in the UK by getting rid of the variety of Quango's. Why dont you have a sunset clause on the Quango's? And when they have to renew, they have to actually show what value they added and why the private sector cannot do it (under legislation/regulation if required!)

All this to be taken with a grain of piquant salt!!!

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