Tuesday, August 7

So what does a domestic intelligence agency do?

The British domestic intelligence agency is currently tracking 2000 potential suspects!, can you imagine? Conservatively assuming that they have knowledge of only 25% of potential suspects, that means that there are 10000 potential terrorists who are currently running around the UK and the world. Besides the police, MI6, the other intelligence agencies, there are the international agencies who help out. But as my previous post mentioned, hoping to get something from the foreign agencies is just about that, hope. To be damn sure, one has to do it themselves. So how does the UK do it? Well, it has MI5.

An interesting article crossed my inbox (details at the end), which explains the current setup of MI5 and the 4 types of threat it is facing (Al Queda, weapons of mass destruction, the irish chaps and the rest of the wooly buggers such as the animal rights activists, the extreme left and right wing groups, etc. ). The MI5's specific aims are (and I quote), MI5's specific aims are to prevent terrorism; protect Britain from espionage and other such covert state activity; stop countries of proliferation concern from procuring material, technology, or knowledge needed for WMD; be alert to reemerging or new threats; protect the Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) and sensitive government information and assets; assist the Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) and the SIS; and develop MI5's capability.

Take a look at the list of jobs that the MI5 is advertising for, very interesting! :) See this one about a driver position. :)

Your main role will be to drive courier vans and to maintain the fleet of self drive vehicles. There may also be the potential for some chauffeuring duties and all drivers are required to wear a uniform, which consists of a grey suit........Discretion is important to the Service, so please only discuss this application with your partner and/or immediate family.

Quite an interesting read, that website. They sound very normal, almost apologetic in their requests for discretion, and banging on and on about job satisfaction and all that. Ian Fleming will be rolling in his grave. What happened to the wine, women, song, sex, cigars, martini's, casino's???? I mean, the last bloody thing you expect James Bond 007 to be worrying about working conditions or pouring over words like this

We offer a supportive and encouraging environment that puts the emphasis on teamwork. Our offices are characterised by a collaborative environment; staff are on first-name terms with one another and there are exceptional levels of trust and respect amongst colleagues. Making sure that we reward our staff and express our appreciation for their efforts is an important part of our success.

isn't progress and political correctness a pain?

All this to be taken with a grain of piquant salt!!!

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