Monday, October 1

If you see Something, Say Something. OUCH!















I am not sure about the provenance of this advertisement, so please do take it with a pinch of salt. If anybody knows that this is a fake, can you please let me know?

But this is very worrisome. Just how are people supposed to know they are Pakistani? And say not Sri Lankan? or from Trinidad? Racial Profiling is a police matter and not something to be treated so cavalierly.

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BD said...

Thanks to andy, this is a comment he left!


The ‘captcha’ image on your site didn’t work for me so I was unable to comment (and got slightly annoyed!)...

I wanted to point you at This is the source of the image in your post

It’s a 9/11 thing, apparently.



Raju Patel said...

How much education do you have ?

Did you go a real highschool in the US or you one of those Dual Citizens (actually part of the same sick global colt) ?

Are you an educated Jewish who was also a sniper with blood on his hands in the first thirtysome years of your life or a southern church edumacated blessed soul ?

Where would your name in the history would be? and as what ?

Thanks for your hate contributions in the world.