Tuesday, November 13

Starvation Deaths in Southern Africa

Here' something that the various assorted protestors would not complain about. People escaping the anti-imperialist heaven of Zimbabwe and then dying like a starving dog on the streets of the other wonderful socialist heaven of South Africa. I suppose that is also the fault of the US and UK? I quote:

Adonis Musati, 23, worked as a police officer in eastern Zimbabwe until recently before joining the great trek of those fleeing economic hardships and political persecution to settle mostly in South Africa.
He collapsed and died of hunger close to the Home Affairs Refugee Centre where he had been trying to get a temporary asylum permit to enable him to live and work in Cape Town. Like many desperate Zimbabweans, Mr Musati had reportedly been sleeping in a cardboard box near the centre for a whole month during which he had been trying to get the permit.
Fellow Zimbabweans who said they had queued with Mr Musati for several weeks as he tried to get the work permit told the Cape Times he had starved to death after failing to get anything to eat for two weeks.

All this to be taken with a grain of piquant salt!!!

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