Monday, November 12

Christian Terrorism in India

I have discussed Christian Terrorism earlier (in India and elsewhere). My forecast is that Christian-based terrorism is on the upswing and we will see far more of this phenomena. Right now, we have three situations, in India, Indonesia and Uganda, but given the seeds, it is perfectly logical to expect the trajectory to move up. They have money, committed people, an ideology, and a clearly defined enemy with clearly defined objectives, and viola, the perfect breeding grounds are there.

Also, if more proof is needed as to why I hate conversions, this will provide the justification that funding from American Christian Evangelists is funding terrorism in India. Now, I can be pretty sure that the American Government will do nothing about this issue, absolutely nothing, nor will the Indian Government do anything about this. Simply because the American Government, despite its pretensions of being strongly secular, has a strong evangelical bedrock and underpinning. I mean, the President starts off all cabinet meetings with a prayer and confesses to receiving guidance and talking to God. Nothing wrong with that, but you cannot expect a state and a government to go against the majority's religion like that. So expect this funding and ideological push to continue and increase. The probability that other parties might get involved (I am specially thinking about the South Koreans) is also getting progressively higher.

On the other hand, the Indian Government is quite happy to keep the terrorist low level pot boiling and keep it far away from the public eye with the help of the draconian Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act, 1958 and other bits and bobs. Mind you, India doesn’t want to raise silly things such as terrorist financing with USA, it has bigger things to talk about, like climate change and WTO etc. Don’t forget that this is another reason why India will not upset the Burmese Generals. The Burmese Generals keep these Nagas in check by periodically obliterating their camps in the wild frontier regions. And I am now hearing about the fact that the Muslim minorities in that region are murmuring about the Christian Missionary work. These are simply rumours and internet chatter at this moment, so no confirmation as yet, but if that does happen, then you will have a perfect storm of terrorism, religion, separatism, militarism, narco-terrorism, armed conflicts, wars and and and in that tiny region.

See this report: Some quotes:

The NSCN (Isak-Muivah)’s well-oiled publicity machine has flooded the video-sharing Internet site YouTube with pro-Nagalim propaganda, including a two-part interview with an American sympathiser who is introduced to viewers as the “honorary ambassador to Nagalim”.

The video clippings show the interviewer, representing an organisation that calls itself Conflict Solutions International (CIS) Inc, asking Grace Collins about the Naga community’s struggle for “independence” from India. “Nagalim is a Christian nation founded by American Christians in the Northeast region of India,” says Collins in the first clip.

Collins, in her interview, takes pains to explain that Nagalim is on the eastern border of India and includes parts of Myanmar, too.

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