Saturday, November 17

Zimbabweans want "white" farmers to stay!

Now you know why Comrade Mugabe got rid of the white owned farms, yes? It was because there was not much left to steal for his gang of murderers and thieves. So they got rid of the white owned farms. They left, the farms were taken over by his crooks, and now they are not white, they are not farms and they are certainly not producing anything. With the result, eye watering inflation, millions emigrating, and Comrade Mugabe sitting on top of this stinking heap of corruption, racism, thuggery, intimidation, and ignorance. But one man is fighting back. I quote:

More than 4,000 white farmers have left Zimbabwe since President Robert Mugabe began his seizing their properties under his redistribution" scheme in 2000. But one provincial governor has made an unprecedented attempt to reverse the trend by preventing two white Zimbabweans from being evicted from their land, in a move that has surprised the country's white minority,

Lindsay Guild and his sister Heather were told that they can continue working their two farms near the city of Mutare after a campaign supported by people from all walks of society, including Vice-President Joseph Msika.

Tinaye Chigudu, the governor of the province of Manicaland, of which Mutare is the capital, said the pair made an essential contribution to the community and should be allowed to stay. His ruling thwarted the ambitions of two senior Zanu-PF party members of Mutare City Council, who wanted to seize the plots.

Mr Guild and his wife used to have two farms but were forced to give one up under the Mugabe reforms. In 2004, half their remaining land was seized by Irene Zindi, the deputy chairman of Mutare City Council. She then sought to take over the rest of it, while the council chairman, Fungai Chaeruka, tried to appropriate Heather Guild's farm. That will not now happen.

Hundreds of the Guilds' supporters, including black farmers, peasants and even members of the ruling party, Zanu-PF, protested outside the farms in defiance of militias armed with clubs and batons. Moses Chatora, a peasant farmer, said: "The Guilds help us. They taught us how to grow tobacco from seedlings and how to market it. A lot of people here have made a lot of money because of the Guilds." Only 400 white farmers remain in Zimbabwe out of an estimated 4,500 before Mr Mugabe's reforms.

But will anybody listen? no, welcome to the protection of stupidity and racism by the world.

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