Sunday, February 24

4,000 company directors listed as global terror suspects and fraudsters

One wonders what on earth are the financial crimes unit in the British Police forces doing? Read and wonder.


The names of almost 4,000 directors of British companies appear on international watchlists of alleged fraudsters, money launderers, terror financiers and corrupt officials, The Times has learnt.

A detailed study of the public register of directors held at Companies House uncovered people identified around the world as terrorist suspects, alleged drug traffickers and individuals convicted of offences ranging from illicit dealing in firearms to fraud.

The research, carried out by the financial intelligence service World-Check, found 3,994 exact matches between its database of 750,000 “high-risk” individuals and the 6.8 million directors and businesses listed at Companies House. Its report also discovered 27,000 “near-matches”.

The research exposes an apparent absence of vetting of who can and cannot register a business and become a company director in Britain.

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