Friday, February 29

The other shoe dropped about the Deoband rejection of terrorism.

I have been looking at the announcement by the Deobandi scholars who said that terrorism was against Islam. Unfortunately, while it was ok, it wasnt worth the paper it was written on because that kind of blanket condemnation is useless. And would a terrorist group follow it? Nope. So the points are

1. No point in blanket condemnation by mullah's, its useless.
2. The Mullas dont know Islam.
3. The terrorists dont know Islam.
4. Both dont know Islam.
5. Both know Islam and there are more than one types of Islam.

I quote from the terrorist leader himself:

"We hold the ulema of Deoband in high esteem, but expected them to mention the armed struggles in Palestine, Kashmir, Iraq, Afghanistan, Chechnya and Arakan in the light of Qur'anic proclamations on jehad fii sabeelilah or qitaal, and try to clear the misconceptions of the Indian people and the government. "The ulema have totally ignored this, which is regrettable," he said.

So, back to square one. The fact that they are using Islam as an ideology is simply a fig leaf, they are basically criminals, by looking at Islam and pushing for a moderate Islam or what have you will not do anything at all. On the flip side, Muslims should realise that identifying with these terrorists and their ideology means that they are giving them succor. Just ignore them, tell them that they are not Muslims but criminals. End of story. Dont get into an argument.

Just couple of days back, somebody was saying that Hindu's must protest against some criminal low life rapist, murderer and criminal types in India who were creating mayhem. The fact that they are Hindu's is incidental. It might as well be that they also have head hair like I do. Dont give a toss. They are criminals and murderers, rage boys, to heck and hell with them. Throw them into jail. And if somebody is stupid enough to ask me to condemn their behaviour, I will do it as an Indian, a citizen, a secular humanist, a human being, but sure as hell I would not pander to this typification!

All this to be taken with a grain of piquant salt!!!

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