Wednesday, February 27

female genital mutilation will be difficult to remove

Unfortunately, this is impossible to stop for any person who does have some angle of belief in Islam because according to Islamic Jurispudence, this is unfortunately allowed and recommended even. And people being the sheep they are, the fact that something is allowed / recommended in two of the major islamic schools of jurispudence means that they will go ahead lemming like and destroy their daughters.

I was gobsmacked when I read that even parliamentarians in Egypt are actually saying this. I found out when i wrote this email on some lists. And people confirmed it. So its not only tradition, but religion and not only religion but depending upon how you look at it, religious law even. So how on earth will secular law stop it?

I was shown this post about FGM, but I was curious about one bit which says this:

“The two deputies have also accused the Awqaf Ministry of violation of the constitution and law. MB Deputy Askar said that this title was in conflict with the consensus of the fiqh experts [Islamic jurisprudents] that female circumcision was one of Islam's rites”

Here’s the original article

here’s google’s translation of the same:

Now, I am curious, this was the first time I heard that FGM is an Islamic ritual? Is this true? Surely they cannot claim such a thing without having some basis in theology? This obviously will make the eradication of this practise much more difficult.

All this to be taken with a grain of piquant salt!!!

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