Tuesday, February 26

Rule for your powerpoints!

Very useful hints from here.


Have you prepared by thoroughly researching the customer?
Are you enthusiastic about the message you’re conveying?
Are you confident that the presentation will win business?
Have you prepared yourself to answer likely questions?
Have you rehearsed the presentation until you’re comfortable?


Have you selected a slide background that’s unobtrusive?
Does your cover slide correctly identify the customer and the event?
Do your slides use color fonts and boldface only to highlight what’s important?
Are your graphics understandable rather than confusing?
Does each slides contain less text than your audience can read 30 seconds?
Did you use a simple font that’s easy to read?
Can every detail of every slide be read from the back of the room?
Have you eliminated ALL UPPERCASE, underlining and italics?


Does your opening statement capture attention?
Does your presentation persuade rather than lecture?
Are ALL your statements supported by evidence?
Have you removed the biz-blab and jargon?
Will the presentation use the time effectively?
Are your anecdotes or analogies vivid and memorable?
Is there a clear close or call to action?

All this to be taken with a grain of piquant salt!!!

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