Thursday, February 28

Is Hizb-ul-Tahrir a cult?

There have been many more stories like this but more I read stories like this, it clearly comes across as a cult. I went to have lunch at Brick Lane and passed a mosque on the way. These Hizb chappies were standing outside, handing out this leaflet. I grabbed one on the way (the chap hesitated but i was too quick! :). And you can immediately see the cult like thinking because anybody who says anything like this:

In this climate of attacking and smearing Islam we must stand up as a united community and enter into a vigorous debate with the way of life in the west i.e. secularism. For it is not merely that they attack Islam, it is also that they are blind to the flaws that exist in this secular system that they export across the world. While they resort to abuse and insults we should follow the example of our Prophet (SAW) and show the flaws and wrongs of western secularism that has brought so much misery to the people of the world. Rampant materialism, a widening wealth gap, individualism, rape, child abuse, racism, occupation and oppression are the fruits of a world ruled by man’s freedom to do whatever he pleases. The secular age of man has been arguably the most bloody in human history. Secondly, we should continue to join the work to establish the Shariah in the Muslim world. Britain is where so much anti-Shariah and anti-Islam propaganda is created and exported. We need to counter this propaganda by illustrating the great weaknesses in the secular model that is so often immorally exported at the barrel of a gun, or as a condition to humanitarian aid.

has some screws loose. For example, in no country with Sharia law, either current or past, has a situation been where any of these problems were non-existent. So they are running towards an idealised goal or a golden age which never exists or existed. No wonder brainwashing and cult like behaviour is exhibited. If you delve deeper into their thought, there is nothing, no thinking, no arguments, no common sense, no idea about political governance or legal system. For that matter, most of them dont know about the Quran itself. Which is very regretful, but there you go, poor sad chaps.

All this to be taken with a grain of piquant salt!!!

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