Sunday, February 17

Attila the Hun!

I missed this programme on BBC1 last Wednesday for some reason but then decided to inaugurate the BBC iPlayer software which I have never used before.

First, I could not find a way to search for the programme on the main BBC site. It simply will not come up. A BBC encyclopedia note came up, but I would have thought that there would be sufficient intelligence in web software to link TV text to other text entries. Even when I explicitly select Search BBC Audio and Video giving the keyword, Attila, I dont get the link.

Nothing on iPlayer either on the search.

So I Google for iPlayer and then it takes me to a site where it asks me to download a software. Which I did. It went off seamlessly.

Clicked on the link and it upgraded my windows media player. And its busy downloading the movie to my hard disk. It will delete it after 7 days of viewing or 30 days of downloading, which seems to be fair to me. Although why on earth will it only store 7 days worth of programmes, I do not know, its not like storage is very expensive!

But still, progress :)

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