Thursday, February 21

Criminalise forced marriage? You bet!

When I read this, I was nodding in approval. Forced marriages are a blot on society and no culture can agree or approve this to be done to their children. I quote the main proposals:

  • increasing the minimum age for any spouse coming to Britain and their British partner to 21 to ensure they are old enough to make such a big decision;

  • making the groom and bride take part in private and separate interviews to check they are happy with the proposed marriage;

  • demanding that every spouse who comes to Britain has basic English;

  • making every prospective British spouse who intends to marry abroad register before leaving the country. They would be asked to provide the name of their intended spouse and be given a deadline by which time the marriage must take place

Lets not forget that its not the children who are frequently at fault, its the parents and relatives, they need to be brought into the ambit of this proposal as well.

All this to be taken with a grain of piquant salt!!!

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