Wednesday, February 20

Islamic Science

Words fail me. Read and wonder.

By the way, its Visiting Scholar, not professor, not teacher, not student, but Scholar. Not sure what that means. Never heard of it before. I quote from the proposed curriculum :)

C. Structure and Content of Curriculums for a Double Major : a Secular
( Rational ) Discipline, and Discipline-Oriented Islamic Studies:
( Abbreviations: GE, General Education; IGE, Islamic General
Education; STS, Science, Technology, and Society; EVIST,
Ethics and Values in Science and Technology; MHS, Medical
and Health Sciences; BME, Bio-Medical Ethics; etc. )
* An under-graduate would utilize the required GE/General Education and Elective courses, and take Self-Study courses to develop a Second Major in Discipline-Oriented Islamic Studies comprising "IGE/Islamic General Education", and an Islamic specialization.
* IGE/Islamic General Education, part of Secular GE requirements:
* a course or two in Quranic Arabic;
* a course in the Quran with explanations by Muhammad Asad;
* a course in Hadith/Sunnah using generic books like Kitab al-Kharaj ( Book of
Taxation ), Kitab al-Amwal ( Book of Economics ), besides the popular ones which deal mostly with rituals and civil matters like those of Bukhari, Muslim, etc.
* courses in Islamic Philosophy, Islamic Law, Islamic History, Islamic Sociology, etc., through respective Departments, taken as Self-Study courses through instructors who teach similar secular courses, or by other arrangements.
* Specialized Islamic "Discipline-Oriented" courses:
* Economics Major: After an IGE course, "Introduction to Islamic Economics" similar to secular "Economics 1", one would take ( Self-Study ) courses like "Islamic Public Finance", "Islamic Labor Economics", etc., after the similar secular courses on "Public Finance", "Labor Economics", etc.
* Natural Sciences and Engineering Majors: After taking the GE courses on History of Science and Technology, Philosophy of Science, etc., and writing Term Papers from Islamic perspectives, students must take ( Self-Study ) courses on History of Islamic Science, History of Islamic Technology, Philosophy of Islamic Science, etc. Advanced secular/Western courses are offered by colleges and universities in "EVIST/ Ethics and Values in Science & Technology", "STS/ Science, Technology, and Society", etc. Similar ( Self-Study ) courses must be taken in Islamic EVIST and Islamic STS through the same instructors who DO NOT have to know the Islamic perspectives!
* MHS/Medical and Health Sciences Majors: Students with GE and IGE backgrounds must develop a Second Major in Islamic BME/ Bio-Medical Ethics. This requires specialized courses in Philosophy of Islamic Medicine, History of Islamic Medicine,
and Programs in Islamic-EVIST and STS vis-a-vis MHS.

All this to be taken with a grain of piquant salt!!!

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