Wednesday, March 19

Divorcing and marrying all for the sake of your child's admission to school

This made me laugh. But typically, people will operate on the basis of incentives. Classical economic and rational behaviour! I quote:

Most British parents will do almost anything to get their children into the best school, but perhaps few would go to the lengths of some Spanish couples.
In Spain, entry into secondary school is based on a points system. Judges in Seville believe that some parents are divorcing just to earn the crucial points needed to get their offspring into the top schools. Since last year, children of divorced or separated couples get two extra points when education authorities decide which school the offspring will go to.

Judges were particularly dubious about how keen many couples were keen to wrap up their divorces before the March 31 deadline for applications for school places. Registering a divorce normally takes two to three weeks, but some couples seem in a greater rush to complete the process, said another court source.
Parents who manipulate the system are helped by the "express divorce", which became law in 2005. And some judges found that a few weeks after couples asked for official separations, they ended up in front of the same court to request reconciliation - just after they completed their school applications.

All this to be taken with a grain of piquant salt!!!

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