Monday, March 17

Robert Fisk: The cult of the suicide bomber

Quite an interesting article here. Where Robert Fisk talks about the cult of the suicide bombers in Lebanon. If I understood him correctly, there is a vast surge of young Muslim men who are ready to go about blowing themselves up, mainly targeting other muslims (some non-muslims, Americans and Brits are also caught up but that seems to be incidental...). And also, if I understood his reasoning, it is because USA/UK attacked Iraq and Afghanistan.

That might very well be the case. But here's something for you to chew upon. If the Americans and British withdraw from Iraq and Afghanistan, will this genie go back into the lamp? Nope. So what now? What exactly can be done to address this problem? I look forward to Fisk's next book for the answer :)

All this to be taken with a grain of piquant salt!!!

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