Wednesday, March 19

UK is still a banana republic

Here we go again, we still have postal fraud in this day and age. Now its the turn of the conservatives to show how to commit fraud in elections in the UK. I quote:

A Tory councillor was found guilty of using bogus postal votes to ensure he was voted into office in Slough. Eshaq Khan beat Lydia Simmons, a former mayor of Slough, by 119 votes to win the council's Central ward in last year's local elections.
Election commissioner Mr Richard Mawry QC said: "The only reasons they came to light at all were the incompetence of the fraudsters and the blatant nature of the frauds.
"It would have been pleasant to conclude this judgment by saying that this had now all changed. "But I cannot. Despite the 2006 Act, the opportunities for easy and effective electoral fraud remain substantially as they were on 4 April, 2005."

All this to be taken with a grain of piquant salt!!!

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