Monday, March 17

What It's Like to Be a First-Time CIO

This article spoke to me, the author is one of the rare people who are honest in a C level suite and that's seriously rare. And yes, what he did simply makes sense but is not known commonly, seriously suggest reading the whole lot.

Editor's Note: Jason Scott joined Innovation Ads, a full-service online advertising agency, as its first-ever CIO on September 7, 2007. Scott, 31, had never held the CIO role before. Most recently, he ran IT for Corporate Express Imaging, a $450 million division of office products supplier Corporate Express. Scott started out as an administrative assistant in the IT department at Corporate Express Imaging when he was 20 and still in college. Over 10 years, he climbed the corporate ladder at Corporate Express only to realize that he'd have to leave the company if wanted to become a CIO.

Six Tips for Surviving Your First Ever CIO Job
1. Expect the unexpected.
2. Identify your go-to people. Seek out one or two members of the IT staff whom you can ask for advice and approach with questions about the company as you get up to speed.
3. Don't rely on your go-tos too much.
4. Trust your instincts, judgment and experience.
5. Read up on your new company, industry and any and all unfamiliar technologies your company is using.
6. Solve some small, visible problems within your first few weeks on the job to help build some momentum.
--M. Levinson

All this to be taken with a grain of piquant salt!!!

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