Thursday, March 20

Offshoring from Poland to Germany!

Now I have heard everything, read this and wonder!, how important it is to have a stable regulatory and tax regime.

A new trend is emerging among Polish companies no longer willing to put up with the rising cost of hiring skilled labour and dealing with the country's complex bureaucracy. They have begun recruiting and opening bases in Germany, a country better known for its well-paid skilled workers.
Mr Wieczorek says the stable regulatory environment in Germany comes as a relief compared with the instability that prevails in Poland.
Land in Germany is cheaper too: the factory in Pasewalk cost one-tenth the price of space in Poznan.
Expanding in Germany has a further advantage. The company can market the products as made in Germany, thereby benefiting from its reputation for high-quality engineering.
And Mr Wieczorek concedes that his German staff are less skilled than his Polish workers. "We have trouble with qualifications in Germany and the more complicated work is still being done in Poznan," he says. "We have to spend a lot of time here bringing our German workers up to Polish standards."
But Mr Mordasewicz says the government of Donald Tusk, Poland's prime minister, must address companies' complaints about impenetrable bureaucracy, frequently changing regulations, a somnolent court system and a lack of infrastructure.

All this to be taken with a grain of piquant salt!!!

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