Monday, May 5

The French have honour, the Spanish knuckle under piracy

Pirates are like parasites, more you feed them, the more they demand. So the only way to handle them is to thump them very hard. Unfortunately, seems like all the courage that Spain has been famous for down the centuries has dribbled away. What do they do? They pay a ransom to pirates to release their crew. And what a pathetic excuse, they did not have military means. What did they lack? the base? They could have asked for French assistance, they have marines and commando's, they have attack helicopters, they have frigates, they have fast attack boats, what they do not have is the gumption and courage.

Sad. And how much you want to bet that this will happen again? Nice cash cow, now the Spaniards have a target painted on their boats (and a big cash machine sign off the bows), while they will avoid the French boats..

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