Sunday, May 4

More rage boy story about MF Husain

I have to admit, I do not understand modern art and MF Husain's paintings are no different. The fact that somebody can pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for this is beyond my comprehension, but then somebody paid even more for a preserved shark. Go figure. You know what I think of those varied Hindu gangs who run around crying about injury to Hindu feelings. Clowns, all of them. No, goons, they do not know about Hinduism and are basically criminals of the lowest order. But that's besides the point.

What is more worrying is that that I got copied on an email yesterday from a group called as Association of Indian Muslims of America. This email purported to be a letter to the editor of India Abroad, saying that MF Husain should withdraw such controversial paintings because somebody found them offensive. I quote:

If some practicing Hindus object to such apparently indecent portrayal of their goddesses can we say they are wrong?  We think not.

Well, we think yes, and this association is a classic example of the reason why Indian Muslims are still facing challenges. Presumably this group is full of very professional Indian Muslims, doctors, engineers, scientists, etc. Education has been pumped into them. One expects liberal skills to come to the fore, but no, these chaps actually take off on liberal thought. I quote:

I realize that some ultra-liberal Indians including Hindus may not mind such paintings, but clearly such paintings do hurt the religious sentiments and sensibilities of a wide majority of Hindus and they feel offended.

The Hindu's did not feel offended at all, it was only when it was spun after decades and taken out of context. I am not so sure what that mean, ultra liberal Indians. You see, this was not done for the sake of the sentiments of the common Hindus, but to pander to their own medieval thought processes. In other words, this group's thought process is the same as that of the goons who protest against MF Husain. So if they join hands with the low pond life rage boys of the Hindu right, you see, they will not complain when the next time some Muslim idiot threatens to behead some Muslim or Hindu who expresses his freedom of speech or religion. You see, secularism is one of the crucial aspects of liberalism and individual rights, and that is why these groups sit very uneasily with secularism and liberalism

Mind you, MF Husain is no different, he refuses to paint Muslim religious leaders in the same way, but that's his problem of being incoherent and silly. Some of his justifications for painting what he did were seriously silly, but that's fine, he is an artist, dont care about his reasons, he has a right to paint what he wants.

This is the reason why I am very jaundiced by this and other groups. They are not liberal at all, they are not modern and they are certainly not really secular. I am very surprised that they even wrote something like this, very disappointing.

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