Friday, May 9

Mastermind 'Not A Good Practising Muslim'


The man behind the July 7 bombings which killed 52 people, Mohammed Siddique Khan, "was not a good practising Muslim", a court has been told. A jury at Kingston Crown Court heard that one of the men accused of helping plan the attacks on the London transport network, Mohammed Shakily, 31, told police he used to smoke cannabis and drink alcohol with the mastermind.

Shakily said he couldn't "in his wildest dreams" think why he would take part in the suicide bombings.

I will tell you, its because of utter and stupid morons who make links between foreign policy and British Muslims. This is the reason why I get so upset with British Muslim leaders who keep on banging on and on about how foreign policy is leading British Muslim youth to blow themselves and my fellow citizens up. You dont see Indian Fijians blowing themselves up in London because of a coup in Fiji which was supported by London, do you? The fact that these bombers are screwed up is clear, but is that what happened to the various assorted British Muslim leaders? And then comes confused statements like this. So only good Muslims blow themselves up? You BLITHERING MORONS!!!!!, what's the frigging connection? Bloody Hell!


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