Friday, August 28

1 in 6 households with nobody working in that household

Quite an interesting statistic, no? I quote:

The ONS also reported that the number of working-age people in so-called workless households jumped by 500,000 to 4.8 million in the year to June.

The workless household rate increased by 1.1 per cent to 16.9 per cent, the highest since 1999 and the biggest year-on-year increase since Labour came to power in 1997. The number of households with someone in work fell by 410,000 to 10.7 million, the figures revealed.

The workless household rate was highest for lone parents at 40.4 per cent, followed by one-person households at 30.1 per cent, with the worst figures recorded in the North East at 23.2 per cent. The lowest rate was in the East of England at 12.2 per cent. Figures showed that the biggest fall in the employment rate over the past year was for married fathers, down 2.1 per cent to 88.8 per cent.

Also see this. Two million people who can work have never ever worked in their life. Now imagine the drag on society with this kind of dead weight. I realise we are just coming out of one of the most difficult recessions in living memory, but bloody hell!

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