Wednesday, August 26

Argentina May Import Beef First Time as Herds Die

I would say that besides Kobe in Japan, perhaps the only other country at top of the best steak in the world is Argentina. It is absolutely brilliant, loved the place since my mum taught me about the pampas, the soft sweet grass and the huge herds of cows. So it was with disbelief that I read that Argentina may have to import its beef. I quote:

Argentina, the biggest beef- consuming nation, may resort to imports for the first time within two years as a drought kills cattle and export controls prompt ranchers to quit the business.
Pastures have dried up and forage prices gained so much that farmers are allowing livestock to die in the fields, said Arturo Llavallol, a director of Buenos Aires-based farm group The Rural Society. Ranchers are killing higher than usual numbers of breeding stock, compromising future output, he said.
The nation’s herd has dwindled 7 percent since 2006, when the government restricted beef exports to boost supplies in the local market, Llavallol said in a telephone interview from his farm in Saavedra, southwest Buenos Aires province. The country may need imports within a couple of years, he said.

Argentina is being ruined by basic economic incompetence. The ruling family is frankly stupid, starting from the debt crisis, then the export restrictions, then the very silly and clearly stupid grab for the pensions, this country, which was supposed to be the jewel of the world, has now slowly got completely buggered up. At the beginning of the 20th century, Argentina was one of the top 10 richest nation’s in the world. And now? between stupid left wing governments  and even worse bellicose right wing governments, they have totally mucked up the country. Read this lament.

And all this while the chances of getting a good beef steak are slowly reducing…

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