Saturday, August 29

National Socialist Emails

I am a member of several libertarian and conservative lists here in the UK. And i frequently come across BNP members who infest these lists. I frequently wonder why is it that they tend to come into these groups and then I think i found the answer. These knuckle dragging neanderthals who believe in the white race, are happy with shooting immigrants and are basically incoherent in trying to define nationality or race, cannot actually have a conversation with each other. Every thing they see and talk is coloured through the eyes of immigration and race. I mean, their entire existence is tied up in that frame of mind. And the frequent protestations of being a patriot or wrapping themselves in the flag, appealing  to the military, getting into bed with fascists, referring to the images of wartime, hating jews. Pretty much the same. The massive conspiracy theories, the vague muttered imprecations towards the media and mainstream politics.

So it was funny when Little Green Footballs pointed to Wikileaks showed this list of private message :

US National Socialist Movement private emails until 15 Aug 2009 mail archives (chronological)

So like the ones which I read and chuckle. Poor sods, clowns, all of them. Read and giggle.

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