Tuesday, September 4

Country loses when govt holds back technology: Intel Chairman

I dont think I need to comment: read and weep.

MUMBAI: In a candid observation, Intel Corporation Chairman Craig Barrett on Tuesday said that if a government tries to hold back the implementation of any latest technology, then the country and its people lose.

The observation comes at a critical time when the country is yet to arrive at a consensus on telecom spectrum allocation which would lead to implement technology such as Wi-Max. Wi-Max could offer wireless Internet connectivity to a wider area of the population in an inexpensive manner.

"In Silicon Valley, we have a saying if you ever try to hold technology back you lose. I think the same can be said by governments and nations as a whole that if you ever try to artificially hold the latest technology back the country loses, the citizen lose just the way the private industry does," Barrett, who was on a visit to the Tindivanam town in Tamil Nadu to inaugurate two e-healthcare projects, told media.

Earlier this year, India lost the race for an Intel manufacturing plant in the country due to delays in announcing the semiconductor policy, forcing the chipmaker to firm up plans elsewhere.

"India is always high on the list as possible sites. The issue is when will we need the next plant? When will we need the next capacity? So, we really have to see what is our total supply and demand before we decide on the next capacity. India is on the list we just don't have the need right now," Barrett said.

All this to be taken with a grain of piquant salt!!!

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