Monday, February 4

Al-Qaida ' trick handicapped women' into suicide bombings

Now that's an interesting way to deal with mentally handicapped patients. Strap bombs on to them, shove them into a target and blow them up. I mean, brilliant technique, no? Look at the advantages

  • You do not have to worry about their care any more
  • They become martyrs in the eyes of Allah
  • You dont have to worry about bringing them up the terrorism curve where you need to teach them, explain to them, etc. etc. before they go down the suicide bomber route.
  • They act innocent because they are innocent so they make the best suicide bombers
  • They do exactly what you tell them to do (mostly)
  • Because they are women, they would not be searched.
  • Everybody takes extra-special care of disabled people, and that too women, so turn their caring, charity and pity against those Zionist crusaders, eh?
  • I think the Down's Syndrome people should be interested in this, no? think about the vast opportunities for publicity. These wonderful soldiers of the resistance seem to have an attachment to Down's Syndrome. They used a disabled Down's Syndrome child in January 2005 as well. 
  • The actual leaders who are men sit back at home fingering the remote control and then boom, blow it up. I mean, it takes patriarchy to a new level. Previously, it was, "go woman, make me a cup of tea", now it is, "go woman, blow up some Zionist crusader infidels for me"
  • See what the Guardian says? "Police said the woman wearing the bomb sold cream in the mornings at the market and was known to locals as ``the crazy lady.'' I suppose nobody cares about the crazy lady, do they?

How absolutely disgusting! Truly they are cannibals.

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