Tuesday, February 5

Labour: if you want a council house, find a job

Sounds about right to me, and its sad that it took them decades to realise it. If you are going to give out things for free, dont get surprised if they take up that offer. So if you are giving out property for people to live on which was built with tax payer's money, one would expect them to put something back into the pot (physically being able, that is!). Otherwise, hey, there are others who are working hard and not sponging off the state and still unable to get a place to live. So off yer butts! So move in people who are working into those jobless hotspots and soon you will change the character!

Read and nod! I quote:

Up to a million people in social housing, including those on council estates, should be expected to actively seek work as a condition of their tenancy, the new housing minister, Caroline Flint, proposes today.
The new "commitment contracts" would initially apply to new council tenants, Flint said, but could be extended to existing tenants.
It is thought to be the first time the government has proposed making a traditional social housing tenancy conditional on seeking work. However, the prime minister, Gordon Brown, has committed to a radical welfare reform package, including greater use of the private sector.
Flint, who switched from employment minister in the mini-reshuffle after Peter Hain stepped down, said: "It would be a big change of culture from the time when the council handed someone the keys and forgot about them for 30 years. The question that we should ask of new tenants is what commitment they will make to improve their skills, find work, and take the support that is available."

All this to be taken with a grain of piquant salt!!!

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