Wednesday, February 6

Former Pakistani Generals: Kashmir's War of independence Cannot Be Won Without Jihad

Welcome to the neighbourhood country where the dream of inner struggle rules. Read and worry about how Pakistan's generals and many other citizens are actually becoming a serious danger to the world.

The Urdu-language website of Pakistan’s independent television network GEO TV quoted a group of former Pakistani generals as saying that "the war for the independence of Kashmir cannot be won without jihad." 'According to the report, the Ex-Servicemen Society, comprising "the former military leadership" said that the entire Pakistani nation must unite for a resolution of the Kashmir issue.
The ex-officers were addressing a seminar on Kashmir Solidarity Day in the city of Rawalpindi, organized by the Ex-Servicemen Society. Addressing the seminar were former chief of army staff Gen. (R) Aslam Beg, Lt.-Gen. (R) Faiz Ali Chishti, former president of Pakistan-administered Kashmir Maj.-Gen. (R) Sardar Anwar Khan, Lt .-Gen. (R) Abdul Qayyum, and others.
Source: Geo Television Network,, Pakistan, February 5, 2008

All this to be taken with a grain of piquant salt!!!

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