Friday, February 8

Pakistani Teachers Organization: Inclusion of Non-Muslims’ Contributions in the Syllabi for Schools and Colleges is Unacceptable

Read and weep. Welcome to the medieval world! Can we all move to some other planet and leave these obscurantists behind on earth? Or better still, send them to Mars? So the fact that they wouldnt accept the inclusion of achievements and contributions mean that they will also not use those achievements such as vaccines, computing, etc.. Until and unless he thinks that everything that was useful is already present in the Quran or produced already by Muslims. Moron! Reminds me of that Pakistani Atomic Energy Commission chap who wanted to generate energy out of jinn's. Good Heavens!

The Tanzeem-e-Asatiza Pakistan (Pakistan Teachers Organization) has said that it will not accept the inclusion of achievements and contributions of non-Muslims in the syllabi for schools and colleges. The right-leaning Urdu language newspaper Jasarat quoted Tanzeem-e-Asatiza’s President (Sindhi Province) Professor Muhammad Is’haq as saying that textbooks are meant for educational and thought leadership of students, and therefore the syllabi should be re-modelled as per Islamic norms ‘‘to bring out the Islamic ideological persona.’’
According to the report, Professor Is’haq said that international imperialism has begun taking the world of Islam as hostage, and in Pakistan at its behest the syllabi are being distorted in the name of progressive thought.
Source: Jasarat, Pakistan, February 6, 2008

All this to be taken with a grain of piquant salt!!!

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