Thursday, February 7

Britain's benefits generation: State handouts now a 'way of life for six million'

This is unbelievable.

Six million Britons are living in homes where no one has a job and "benefits are a way of life", a report by MPs revealed yesterday. And they cost the taxpayer nearly £13billion a year in state handouts. This army of families on benefit - nearly one in six of all households in the country - has been untouched by a decade of Labour's attempts to get them into work, said the Public Accounts Committee. Four out of five of these homes have no one who is even looking for a job.

If somebody will give me money, food, clothing, shelter and a house without wanting me to work or anything, tell me why on earth would I want to work? It is perfectly logical to me. So what about all the jobs that have been created? Well, they have mostly gone to the immigrants. And then people whine about immigrants flooding in? Well, stop the welfare system from producing this level of dependency! And its not like these 6 million are old age pensioners or children or disabled people, we are talking about 4.3 million adults who are basically sucking on the tit of the taxpayer. Welcome to Britian.

And get this! The mind boggles, I am paying taxes for these dead beats?

Some 100,000 drug users and alcoholics are claiming state handouts on the grounds that their habit is a disability, it was revealed yesterday.

All this to be taken with a grain of piquant salt!!!

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