Sunday, February 3

More evidence on honour killing in the UK

This is absolutely gruesome and foul. Heinous. There is nothing cultural or religious about this, whether Sikh, Hindu or Islamic. This is pure and simple barbarity. See my previous essay on honour killing. I quote from the news story:

A GIRL of 15 was tricked into a "telephone marriage" ceremony to a Sheffield man with a mental age of five in a ceremony recognised by sharia (Islamic law). The girl's marriage last April was not recognised by the Home Office but was approved by the Islamic Sharia Council in Britain.

Here is the full report. And it is indeed worse. See page 25 for a Sikh Girl's problems, page 29 for a Orthodox Jewish girl's problems. See this on page 32:

Bawjit Singh, an Indian Hindu who works as a social worker in East London whose sister was disowned by her family after marrying a Muslim, says: "In the eyes of my parents marrying a Muslim is marrying the enemy. We are taught that we can be friends with them but we can’t date them and definitely can’t marry them. If I marry one who is Muslim then I am disowned"

But do not over-react and think it is applicable to all ethnic minorities. Also see my previous post about ethnic minorities. See this table on page 19:

The effect of honour on education levels: A 2007 study by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation found that the educational qualifications of women from South Asia varied widely. These variations are largely a result of their widely differing attitudes to honour. Percentage of women aged 25-29 with degree level qualifications:
Women of Indian origin 53.9%
Women of Pakistani origin 25.6
Women of Bangladeshi origin 15.5
UK average: 29.7

But overall, something needs to be done to these barbarians in our midst who mistreat women in this fashion. I do not give a shit about what justification they use, they need to be put into stocks and rotten tomatoes thrown at them regularly.

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ERS said...

None of this surprises me, but it does dismay me.

Ellen R. Sheeley, Author
"Reclaiming Honor in Jordan"