Thursday, November 6

California to get high speed rail system

This is good news indeed, USA has to start investing in its infrastructure, specially when energy prices are sky high. I quote:


The first phase of the rail line would link Anaheim, Los Angeles, Fresno and San Francisco.

Planners eventually want to include Sacramento, San Diego and Oakland.

The $9.9 billion proposition includes $9 billion for bullet trains and $950 million for conventional commuter and intercity rail, including trains to connect travelers with the high-speed system.

But again, knowing public procurement and government implementation, voters should be prepared to pony up at least three times this. Best of luck to them and are the other American states listening? What America now needs is the railway equivalent of the interstate highway system. See how much it did. Here's a good history of the highway system. Fascinating, these are the arteries of any modern nation, but they do get old and need bypass surgery every now and then...

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