Sunday, November 2

MoD 'can be sued' over SAS deaths

This kind of story makes me very upset. If there is one thing everybody knows, it is vital for troops to be well supplied. I have spoken before about the importance of equipment, and for this stupid government to sit on their fat arses and not do anything is simply criminal. You can end up with having more bloody admirals than ships, but not enough to have basic vehicles?

Disgusting behaviour on behalf of the MOD. Sending our chaps out there to fight and giving them marshmallows to drive on. I do hope this is taken to court. I quote:

The families of three SAS soldiers and a female corporal killed in Afghanistan when their Land Rover hit a landmine have a strong legal basis for suing the Ministry of Defence under the European Convention on Human Rights, according to a senior barrister.

John Cooper, QC, gave his advice after it emerged yesterday that the commander of SAS troops in Afghanistan had resigned, accusing the government of 'gross negligence' over the four soldiers' deaths.

Major Sebastian Morley claims the Ministry of Defence repeatedly ignored his warnings that soldiers would be killed unless alternatives were provided to the Snatch Land Rovers, known as 'mobile coffins' by the armed forces because of the poor quality of their armour.

In his resignation letter, Morley, commander of D Squadron, 23 SAS, accused the MoD of a 'chronic underinvestment' in equipment. He is said to have described the MoD's failure to buy better equipment as 'cavalier at best, criminal at worst'.



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