Sunday, November 2

How to NOT to win friends and influence people, Gordon

Right now, that dork, Gordon Brown, is swanning around in the Gulf. You know what I think of him, he is a humourless, incompetent, arrogant, stupid, cowardly man who is unfit to lead the United Kingdom's local recycling centres, forget about the country. He has no dignity at all, he begs at the slightest hint, currently begging the Saudi's to give more money. Get a grip, man, have some dignity.

Oh! I am sorry, you have already sold the country down the toilet to pay for your unfunded obligations and your bizarre theory to spend your way out of recession. Keynes, notwithstanding, you idiot, who is going to give you money? and since when is the Public Sector (which you ruined) is good at efficiently spending my tax money?


Anyway, here's a great article on how he basically hacked off a neighbour. I quote:

No one disputes that Iceland’s economic troubles are largely the country’s own fault. But there may be more to the story, at least in the view of Iceland’s government, its citizens and even some outsiders. As grave as their situation already was, they say, Britain — their old friend, NATO ally and trading partner — made it immeasurably worse.

You know what that makes you, Gordon? Besides the above, it also makes you untrustworthy, backstabber and frankly not a very good man to know. You are actually slimy, not to be trusted. The sooner you are chucked out of office, the better it will be for the country.

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