Sunday, November 2

Public sector pensions will cost £1 trillion

Now this is something for me to be very happy to be waking up to. When I look at my pension performance, I see a sea of red. My wife tells me that I have to simply suck it up for several years, keep on piling on more and more of my salary into my pension, without hope for a good return. Not only that, we have that idiot Gordon Brown, promising to spend his way out of recession. All this means that my taxes will be going up as well.

So I end up with rocketing prices, falling pensions, increased taxes and then stories like this. I quote:

The average public sector worker will be entitled to a pension worth £17,091 a year, according to data compiled by Ros Altmann, a former adviser to Tony Blair. By contrast, the average private sector pension annuity last year paid £1,086.

Hmmm, how nice of those Labour politicians to fund all their source of funding colleagues from my taxes. Isn't this cosy? three quarters of Labour Party funding comes from Trade Unions. Now if this is not unfair and stupid, what is? Needless to say, the local Labour MP ain't going to get my vote, that is for sure. Throw these bums out, I say. But the rot goes even further, check out this.

The Taxpayers’ Alliance has obtained figures showing that 17,150 public sector workers have already retired with pension pots worth more than £1m each. Nearly 10,500 NHS workers; 3,680 civil servants; 815 judges; 1,800 teachers, mainly former heads; and 167 Royal Mail staff have retired on seven-figure pension funds.

This is gobsmacking. You might say, hey, the public sector pensions have to be better because the salaries are lower. Oh! really? I further quote:

According to the Office for National Statistics, the average public sector worker earned £25,896 a year in 2007, compared to £22,828 in the private sector. Only the top 20% of private sector workers are paid more than public sector peers.

So where on earth is this stupid government taking us? down the bung hole, more like it. What a bunch of stupid morons. They will turn out and say, we are trying to control costs. Are you now?

In 2006 the government raised the retirement age of new entrants to public sector pensions schemes and made a series of other changes in a bid to reduce its pension costs by £13bn. These reforms will only cut its pension bill by 1% over the next 50 years.

I mean, even forget about ideological differences, just throw these bums out on the simple grounds that they are incompetent. No, not incompetent, they are simply stupid. And then they talk about high quality public sector workforce? On what basis, you stupid morons? Is quality of service improving? no. Are we getting better in our education or health care provision? no. As I said, these dunderheads are simply stupid.

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