Wednesday, December 24

100,000 Pakistani Rupees to Burn a Schoolgirl

Two video's. No words necessary.


And dont you find this statement curious?

The officials said that the militants, who were Afghan citizens, had confessed to their involvement in the attack on the schoolgirls and their teachers on Nov. 12 and that a high-ranking member of the Taliban had paid the militants 100,000 Pakistani rupees for each of the girls they managed to burn.

Why Pakistani rupees? (Rhetorical question...) and why 100,000 of them? Its quite a high amount there. Gosh, tough mission for these big brave warriors of God.

And when you see what is happening in Pakistan proper with their schools, you then understand what these doughty warriors of God want with their people, they want to push their people into medieval illiteracy. Welcome to the Land of the Pure, I say. Here's an editorial on this issue.

The militants have once more demonstrated that the city of Peshawar is no longer safe. Incidents over the past few months have made it obvious the writ of state has vanished from the city. A spate of kidnappings, murders and attacks on shops selling CDs or video tapes make this obvious. To drive the point home, a band of militants has now attacked three leading private schools, torching buses and attempting to demolish the gate of one with a grenade. The choice of schools – two of them institutes for boys – would suggest the motive was to create panic and target the elite, rather than to shut down schools for girls as has happened across NWFP. Threats to elite schools have been made before, in Lahore, Islamabad and other cities. Nothing can be more terrifying for parents, and indeed other citizens, than the notion that their children are unsafe even at school. All three of the schools picked out by the militants were elite institutions. Four members of the staff were injured at one of the schools, two of them critically, while attempting to prevent the band of some 15 armed militants from entering the premises.
The message to city authorities has been sent out loud and clear. The militants have once more demonstrated an ability to strike at will. Psychologically they have also picked a manner to do so which is most likely to create terror. Security at schools in Lahore was stepped up on Tuesday in response to the terrible incident in Peshawar. Mercifully, no pupil was injured. But there is no guarantee that other attacks will not follow this one. The only way to stop them is to begin an all-out offensive against terrorists of all kinds. Only by doing so can we eradicate the fear that today walks alongside every citizen and now enters school alongside the children who attend these institutions.

I wonder if the Taliban rate card goes something like this:

1. Kill a woman: 500,000 Pakistani Rupees

2. Acid attack a woman: 100,000 rupees

3. Burn up a school: 50,000 rupees.

4. behead a school teacher: 250,000 rupees.

5. blow up a school: 150,000 rupees.


Here, I am throwing in another video for you, want to see how to burn your future up catastrophically? Here you go, watch how teachers, doctors and schools teachers are killed and schools burnt.



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