Friday, December 26

Reading to children - good, not reading - bad

Here's another d'oh finding by the Institute of Education. I quote:

It concluded: "Reading to the child every day and having a mother who thinks it is important to stimulate young children are positively associated with all cognitive outcomes and negatively with problem behaviour." It said that reading to a child every day "appears to lower behavioural problems".

Children who were read to daily did better in the naming vocabulary test, which involved the children being shown a picture and asked to identify the object.

They also performed better in the foundation stage profiles and had higher behaviour scores.

Youngsters whose mothers thought it was important to talk to them and teach them the alphabet did better than their peers in a number of other tests, and also had better foundation stage profiles.

In contrast, on average, children who watch three or more hours of TV a day achieved lower scores on the tests.

What next? that feeding children makes them healthy and not feeding them is bad for their health?

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