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So let me understand this clearly, Pakistan allows terrorists to run rampant on its soil who merrily attack its neighbouring countries. And what does the USA do? It publishes this pile of pap. What is extremely worrying is that this pile of pap was written by the great and good of American Foreign Policy experts belonging to the US Institute of Peace, namely:

Richard L. Armitage
Lee H. Hamilton

Kara L. Bue, Armitage International, L.C.
Lisa Curtis, The Heritage Foundation
Walter Andersen, Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies, Johns Hopkins University
Stephen P. Cohen, The Brookings Institution
Xenia Dormandy, Harvard University
C. Christine Fair
John A. Gastright, Jr., DynCorp International
Robert M. Hathaway, Woodrow Wilson International Center for Dennis Kux, Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars
Daniel Markey, Council on Foreign Relations
Polly Nayak, Independent Consultant
J Alexander Thier, United States Institute of Peace
Marvin G. Weinbaum, The Middle East Institute
Nicholas Hamisevicz, The Heritage Foundation

And what do these worthies come up with as the recommendations?

  • Commissioning a new U.S. National Intelligence Estimate to form a common operating picture on militancy in Pakistan and elsewhere. Based on this report, the U.S. government should develop a comprehensive strategy to address threats in Pakistan.
  • Exhibiting patience with Pakistan’s newly elected leaders in their struggle against extremist elements and working to stabilize the government through economic aid and diplomacy.
  • Assisting Afghanistan and Pakistan to transform their border from a hostile frontier into an “economic gateway.”
  • Assigning primary responsibility for coordinating and implementing Pakistan-Afghanistan policy to a senior U.S. official to promote better ties between the two states.
  • Increasing support for democratic institutions and efforts to build transparency and rule of law.
  • Implementing a robust public diplomacy program emphasizing mutual interests in combating extremism, creating prosperity and improving regional relationships.
  • Calibrating aid to Pakistan based on the level of Pakistan’s use of militants in its foreign policy.
  • Committing to $1.5 billion/ year in non-military aid tied to accountability and rigorous oversight.
  • Working with regional powers and Pakistan’s partners such as China, Japan, Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states to build stability and counterterrorism in Pakistan.

But the basic question which these buggers forget is, so what if the Pakistani State, Army and Politicians do exactly what they have done till now, ignore all what you say and still allow the terrorists to run riot? Let me see, it is now 7 years since that famous phone call after 9/11. And the situation is now even worse. There was NO Pakistani Taliban at that time, now you have two Taliban groups, one in Pakistan and another in Afghanistan. Nice going. You have Pakistani state backed terrorists who are attacking democratic countries around the globe. These terrorists are giving money to other terrorists and also carrying out terrorism in Iraq and other places. And just what is the USA going to do?

That's the crucial question which these senior foreign policy chaps do not address. Every time, these bloody reports come out, thinking that these recommendations will start from scratch, but nobody looks back and says, so what will you do if Pakistan does not do what you want them to do?

See what the authors say even now.

What does the United States want from Pakistan?

    • A stable government enjoying the support of the Pakistani people and responsive to their needs.
    • Unstinting support in the effort to track down those responsible for the 2001 attack on the United States.
    • A common effort in the struggle to defeat the forces of extremism and terrorism, including in Kashmir.
    • A safeguards system that makes virtually impossible the unauthorized use, transfer, or theft of Pakistan’s most dangerous weapons and technologies.
    • A state that lives in peace with its neighbours, most notably India and Afghanistan.

This is what they wanted back in 2001. And sweet sod all has been done on each and every point. And they do not consider this simple point. What's worse is that these worthies are responsible for the future evolution of Foreign Policy of the USA towards Pakistan. Now, here's a prediction. Since nothing has happened in the past 7 years, even if Obama gets a second term, in 8 years time, another report will come out and nothing will have happened in those 8 years either to achieve American Foreign Policy objectives. Good heavens. Dont you guys think that trying to keep on doing the same thing over and over again expecting things to change with Pakistan is a sign of insanity? Have you tried to show some fresh thinking? Of course not. I am now very cynical about the Obama administration and any progress towards the Afghanistan War resolution unlike in Iraq.

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