Thursday, December 25

Swat Taliban announce ban on female education from Jan 15

Oh! goody, no more pesky issues about teaching girls..I quote:


The Maulana Fazlullah-led militants, operating in the restive Swat Valley, have announced a complete ban on female education from January 15 and warned violators of harsh action.
Shah Dauran, the vice chief of Swat militants and in charge of the FM radio, announced that no government or private educational institution would enrol girls. He said all schools and colleges should stop female education by January 15.
He threatened to blow up all schools violating the ban, adding the schools providing education to girls would be forced to close. The militants in Swat, who have been known for their strong opposition to women education, have bombed or torched around 100 girls’ schools to forcibly stop girls from going to school in the district.
Due to their opposition and escalation of war between the security forces and the militants, dozens of schools have been either destroyed or closed. Actually, the terrorists went to the extent of destroying all schools, irrespective of boys and girls, in a bid to “Islamise” their curriculum.
Another argument the militants’ top leaders, including their chief Maulana Fazlullah, present is to destroy everything owned by the government because the security forces had been razing their houses and killing their colleagues.
The provincial government in June-July launched an ad campaign in newspapers to create a soft corner in the hearts of militants to stop blowing up schools but that ended up in smoke. APP adds: At least 11 more militants were killed when the security forces attacked their hideouts at Shakardara in Swat district on Wednesday.

That's what you want, no? the women to be illiterate and raise more illiterate sons and daughters? What a wonderful vision for Islam and for Pakistan. And to think today is the birth anniversary of Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan. What a tragedy. Also read this op-ed about how the Pakistani State itself is the mother of these jihadi's. But why get all excited about suicide terrorism? After all, its part and parcel of normal business life now...

The astonishing story of how a suicide bomber was ‘hired’ from Wana and used by an individual in Bhakkar to kill a rival with whom he had a monetary dispute is an eye-opener. Twenty-six people died in the suicide blast in Bhakkar in August. PML-N MNA Rashid Akbar Niwani was among those injured in the bombing that took place during a gathering at his house. At the time, it was assumed he was the target and the motive possibly sectarian. It now transpires that a businessman from the town had effectively ‘purchased’ the services of a suicide bomber and an explosives expert from a person in Wana. The deadly duo effectively carried out the assassination. The suicide bomber, naturally, died – as was intended. Five others involved have been arrested, including the businessman who hired the killers. The account of how a suicide bomber could be acquired in exchange for Rs2 million and used to settle a personal score, highlights the fact that for the ruthless men who recruit and train bombers, many of them mere children, their lives mean nothing at all.

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