Monday, December 22

Only tax payers allowed to meet God

This story is just fascinating and shows how secularism and religion do not work together specially when we are talking about liberal democracies. So here we go, we have a house of God (to wit, a Church), which has taxes and tithes associated with it. And as it happens, people who do not tithe flood into the church during Christmas and take up all the seats. So they get upset. Now, I simply do not understand this idea of a state funded church, specially in Europe, but there you go.

Solution seems to be to get people to actually bring their tax returns with them when they come into the church.

Here's another solution, get the church to actually run itself based upon donations, why is the government getting involved? And if it does get involved, would it also do the same thing for Mosques, Gurudwaras and Temples? I dont think so. Hence state institutionalised discrimination. But how does this fit in with the idea of Jesus not liking money lenders, the prohibition against usury and all that? Gosh...

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