Wednesday, April 13

Freedom of Speech means freedom to offend

I am so bloody pissed off with these idiots. You blithering idiots, freedom of speech means exactly that, you are free to offend anything and anybody. And this is the United Nations. What imbecility and idiocy. You are dragging the world back into the days of blasphemy and throat slitting. But then, you would now be comfortable, eh? with the similar medieval punishment of throat slitting carried out.I quote their moronic statements:

See what this fellow, Staffan de Mistura says:

Earlier, the head of the UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (Unama), Staffan de Mistura, said during a visit to Mazar-e Sharif that the only person who could be blamed for the violence was the American pastor.

"I don't think we should be blaming any Afghan. We should be blaming the person who produced the news - the one who burned the Koran. Freedom of speech does not mean freedom from offending culture, religion, traditions."

I know you are a slimeball hypocrite but for crying out loud, you moron, stand up for basic universal rights of freedom of speech. Yes, you need to be blaming the Afghans who did this. Who appointed this blithering moron? No wonder they spit on the UN.


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