Friday, April 15

Karn’s Internship response

I was very chuffed to receive this letter from the CEO of the firm which used Karn for his internship (remember this note from before where I wrote about him going for an internship?). He got squished Smile Very happy and proud of that little tyke. Well, he isnt that little any more, growing like a weed, and about as communicative to me, but am proud of him. He is turning out to be a good boy and of course its all due to Sangeeta Smile with tongue out

Good morning Bhaskar
I just wanted to drop you a personal note this morning to say what an absolute pleasure it was to have Karn with us these past couple of weeks. He took to the office environment like a natural and got stuck in and produced some excellent work. As you can imagine a sales floor is quite a hectic place in which to be. Even though we are only 40 or so strong, Karn handled himself with absolute certainty and engaged with various account managers and consultants easily and with genuine warmth. His maturity belies his young-ish years!
The work he produced was, as you would expect, first class. Martin and I reviewed it with him on Friday morning and were delighted with what he had produced. We would welcome him back at any time given our experience of him working alongside us in the last two weeks.
Thanks for letting him come to the XX Group. Martin has provided the necessary feedback on the form however, I would be delighted to send in a reference to his PCHE teacher (if that is the appropriate person) for his school records.

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