Saturday, April 16

Running their heart out for charity. Thank you!

IT for children in Hospital is a great little charity. It isn't a big hairy TV advertising charity, it doesn't do sponsored moon walks or have film stars adopting children in its name. What it has a great CEO, Pat Ryan, and a bunch of volunteers who raise money for providing IT to children in hospital. Simple thing. And we don't rely on the public sector. And we are fairly sustainable. And we have fun. And I am proud of the little that it does.

Dan Leonard is an ex-colleague of mine who is an absolutely brilliant social networking guru. He has fixed and enhanced the website. Go take a look at it. We now have a feed from the Facebook IT4CH page.

We have also got a team from Huddle running the Marathon for us. Here’s their blog post talking about it. Bless their running vests and running shoes. Great bunch of very passionate supporters. BTW, if you wanted to donate to the charity, here’s the link.

How do you like the mascot? His name is Floyd Smile

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