Wednesday, April 13

When religiosity is compulsory, skiving will happen

Well, fairly typical. What did you expect? You treat human beings like children and then they will behave like it, or rebel. When you force people to pray, do you think they will be praying ? or as it seems in this story, outside smoking or running errands. Bah! I quote:

Some private company employees use the prayer time as an excuse to avoid work. Some companies allow 10 minutes for each prayer, while others allocate 15 minutes.

Employees use more than their allocated time to skive off work. In some government departments, employees simply leave work and go home when the call for Dhuhr prayer starts without bothering to come back after the prayer break to complete the remaining hours.

Employees are often accused of wasting too much time chatting outside their offices during prayer time. Others gather outdoors to smoke. Some employees try to use this time to go out and finish personal errands.

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