Sunday, April 10

Men and Women differ on household work

lol. This was amusing. D’oh research. I quote:

Research highlights

right triangle, filled The division of household work is consistent with the equity theory.

 right triangle, filled The females’ fair household work share is about 62%.

right triangle, filled The males’ fair household work share ranges from 10% to 38%.

right triangle, filled Husbands and wives do not concur with regard to the fair shares of household work.

right triangle, filled The second fair household work shares are about 72% for females and 28% for males.

Specially the second last point, of course they wont concur. Here’s an interesting debate over housework and its value. And did you know, housework is worth £700 billion to the UK economy? at least in 2002. I quote:

The average hourly rate was £4.72, which varied between £2.59 for providing meals and £11.19 for providing housing. Selma James of the Wages For Housework Campaign told BBC News 24 her group thought women should be paid £500-£600 per week. She said women have worked for and are entitled to the wage.

"We also want the acknowledgement from society that the work we are doing is fundamental and important," she said. Housework counted for "basic work in society" she added. Within married or cohabiting couples with children where both partners work full-time, the woman spends nearly four hours a day on household work, and the man two hours and 20 minutes. In 2000, women spent 27% of their time on household production and 7% in paid work, compared to men's 20% on housework and 12% in paid work.

Erm, who will pay for this?

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