Wednesday, November 7

Europe sweep nets 17 terror suspects

More jihadi's in the net. The police across Europe (Italy, Portugal and UK) have arrested 17 people on terrorism charges, they are from Algeria and Tunisia. I quote:

Seventeen people were arrested in Europe yesterday in a sweep on a presumed
terror cell following a four-year operation by the Italian authorities.
Italian police said they believed the suspects, of Algerian and
Tunisian nationality, had been setting up jihadi militant cells to recruit and
help suicide bombers in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Most of the suspects were arrested in northern Italy, including in Milan, but two were arrested in the UK and one in Portugal.
Police said they had seized explosive devices, poisons and guerrilla warfare manuals during the operation, but added that the cells were not thought to be planning attacks in Italy.
The move came on the day that Franco Frattini, European commissioner for justice, announced a plan to strengthen the European Union's ability to fight terrorism. Mr Frattini wants to
target terrorists operating in Europe by cracking down on websites that incite
violence, and creating a European database of passengers flying in and out of
the 27-member bloc.

All this to be taken with a grain of piquant salt!!!

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