Friday, November 9

More on Mullah Radio !

Further to my amazement about Mullah Radio taking over another town in Pakistan, I have now read that this chap loves FM Radio (which is why he is called as Mullah Radio), and frequently does up to 3 hour long sermons, fulminating against everybody and his dog. He hates TV. Preaching that the heavenly reward for smashing one TV set is equivalent to that for killing two Jews. I am very curious about why these Islamists have this propensity of measuring everything, 72 virgins, 5 prayers, 2 Jews, 1 TV set, 20 sects, everything has to be numbered. I wonder what's the heavenly reward for smashing an ordinary TV set versus a plasma TV set? how about YouTube? the fact that I can see TV signals on my computer screen? will that mean that my computer screen will be smashed as well? And can I explore the point about the Jews? is that grown up Jews or also Jewish children? How about Jewish sperm? If I smash a vial of Jewish sperm, will that help me gain huge amounts of heavenly rewards? Hey, I can get much more rewards as those wriggly bits are in millions and billions. Don't you think the heavenly reward book will be mucked up with these bad accounting policies? And who will keep track of this? What about those 72 virgins, eh? I am very worried about the male/female gender ratio in Heaven. 1:72 is way too high. Surely there must be some kind of female liberation movement going on in Heaven? Demanding that they also get 72 men? Like that Palestinian woman suicide bomber? Or the threatened female suicide bombers being  sent towards Benazir Bhutto? Perhaps some demographic modeling is in order. By the way, does he know that most of the technology that he is using is made by the Jews?

But Mullah Radio has already captured 2 towns, and as usual, the Pakistani army surrendered without a fight. Perhaps we should call them as goat eating surrender monkeys? And so much so that they had high ranking red tabbed officers surrendering without even firing a fight, hail to the martial army of Pakistan. Talking about the army, here's another great quote from Zafar Nawaz Jaspal, a strategic affairs analyst and professor at Islamabad's Quaid-i-Azam University. He says, "Pakistan's Army has traditionally been seen as a people friendly army, one that never fired on its own people, which is why martial law has in the past been welcomed". I fell about laughing when I read this. So the Pakistani Army was not to blame when it raped and pillaged across Kashmir in 1948. It was not to blame when its army again raped and pillaged in 1965 in Kashmir. It was totally people friendly in Bangladesh when up to a reputed 3 million people just died because they were directionally challenged and ran in the path of the bullets. It was very caring when it fired upon the labourers in the farms in Sindh and Punjab. Very amusing indeed.

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