Wednesday, November 7

Do Homar's understand Kefaya?

Read this and weep. How liberalism is simply impossible to take root in the Middle East at this moment. There is much to talk about how liberalism does not live comfortably with religion, nationalism or autocracy!, and given the fact that the local populace is quite happy with anything that does not require them to think, well, perhaps they are homar's indeed. I quote:

If you want to understand the Middle East's path over the last decade and why the
area is stagnating, at best, or entering an era of radical Islamist upheaval, at
worst, consider the tale of Egypt's Kifaya movement. This is the kind of thing
Western politicians, officials, academics, and journalists must comprehend to
know how things really work.

Misunderstanding the Middle East is based on two bad ideas. First,
when people try to graft Western history onto the region to think the advance of
progress unstoppable; and second, accepting radical Arab nationalist and
Islamist doctrine that everything wrong is the fault of the West and Israel.
Put the two together and you get: The expected progress doesn't happen due
to bad Western policy and Israel's existence.

On an al-Jazeera television program, Masiri debated against secularism.
In a November 2004 interview, he accused America of using ideas like democracy
and human rights to seek world hegemony, interfere in other countries' affairs,
and force them to follow its policy. But if Masiri sees democracy as a front for
imperialism, what is he doing heading the main political organization in Egypt
supposedly battling for democracy?

The bottom line is that Kifaya has largely fallen apart, focuses on fighting the Arab-Israeli conflict, and embraces Islamism. Its leader is anti-democratic, anti-Western and anti-Semitic. How could its fate better illustrate the power of the Arabic-speaking world's dominant ideas and politics, or the difficulty of escaping them?
Anti-Semitism, it has been said, is the socialism of fools, and patriotism is the last refuge of
scoundrels. Kifaya has fulfilled both of these maxims. Ultimately Kifaya, instead of really saying "Enough!," ended up merely giving Egypt more of the same.

Sad or what? homar's or what?

All this to be taken with a grain of piquant salt!!!

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