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Internet Security

Surprising how similar internet security is for terrorists as well as normal citizens transacting business. If you remove the religious phraseology, its so common. Also, I do not have a direct link to this post, only got it from here and its associated yahoogroup.

Security Advice to Forum Attendees

In the name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate.

It is well-known that the discussion forums on the Internet have become of an eminent importance and influence in the media, and through which renowned newspapers and satellite channels extract and follow the news of the mujahideen. The mujahideen have positively profited from the Internet as well and from the forums specifically because they helped eliminate the blackout and the Zionist-Christian media restrictions that contained the jihadist movement for many years.

A wide variety of intelligence agencies understand the danger of the use of the Internet by the mujahideen. They also understand the considerable opportunity offered by the discussion forums which allows them to capture as many 'terrorists' as they can, and those who oppose one regime or another.
So they anxiously set out to infiltrate those forums by:

*    inserting their members into the forums so they can catch whoever
they can catch; and

*    pressuring the owners of the forum so they work with them.

CNN has reported that an American intelligence agency has announced that it has plans to open an Arabic discussion forum to capture terrorists.

Based on what we mentioned above, it is the duty of every person who visits the forums, either the mujahideen who are responsible for posting the statements, communiques, and publications, their supporters, or even the people who follow the mujahideen's news through the forums to be very cautious because the mere fact of entering or visiting such forums is a criminal act to be punished by the apostate regimes in our Islamic world.

We say it has become necessary to observe a few preventive procedures and take precautions when dealing with the forums. Dear reader, here are a few things to which you pay attention to when you participate in forums, whether they are forums that follow a jihadist point of view or just forums you visit to share your opinion on specific topics.

First, remember that the people with whom you discuss issues in the forums are not always what they seem to be. You might meet a young man who is yearning for jihad, asking other forum users about the ways that would lead him to the lands of jihad, but really he may be a secret agent writing from an intelligence agency' s building!

As for that writer who is always writing those radical articles that defend the mujahideen and their honor, he might be the same, an agent trying to lure forum users until they trust him and then he would ask them to get acquainted in order to help each other spread the 'call for jihad' and finally get them arrested.

What is important is to always remember that it is easy to pass for somebody else while on the Internet, so you should not trust anyone in the forums.
Yes some people are true and thank God there are many of them, but unfortunately it is hard to distinguish the good from the bad, so it suffices to only take what might benefit you from the forums and remember that 'everything that shines is not gold.'

Second, it is a fact that just registering or visiting a forum would allow the forum's owner to trace your 'IP' address and in many cases locate with a great accuracy the computer you are using when visiting the forum. Thus it has become very easy to establish your location after they find out your Internet address. In fact, there are many sites on the Internet that offer this service free of charge.

Yes the forum's owner can disable the Internet registration feature, therefore when joining a forum and posting materials, the IP address won't be registered, and that is what we advise our brothers who run and own forums to do. But it is possible to obtain an IP address through the email address that is being used when joining a forum. Of course the servers won't object to supplying security agencies with your IP address since it is part of the 'fight against terror.' The same applies when using the proxy.

The best thing to do when dealing with this problem if you are responsible for posting news and statements or if you are wanted by the apostate intelligence agencies is to use 'internet cafes.' There are other safer ways but we cannot mention them or we will attract the enemy's attention to them.
'Necessity is the mother of invention'!

We have to mention that many Internet cafes are being used to spy on their customers, especially those customers with an Islamic appearance, so attention needs to be given to this particular point.

Advice and Warnings

The Internet address is registered every time you put up a post and not only when you become a member. This means that even if you register in an Internet cafe and then you put up a post from your home computer, your IP address is registered.

Finding out your personal IP address is not necessarily done through the forum's administration; it is easily done through the server that hosts the forum, and the server also acquires all the information regarding the participants.

Most Internet sites are equipped with statistics programs that register every move made by a visitor along with his personal IP address.

Third, when becoming a member in any forum, you are requested to provide personal and general information like your name, your country, and your date of birth. Do not enter any accurate personal information; instead give false information. If a forum moderator or somebody else emails you to get personal information from you to confirm the validity of an account, do not supply them with your personal information.

Fourth, if you are a participant in a forum and join discussions from an Internet cafe, you should use different Internet cafes and preferably the ones that are the furthest from your house.

The person responsible for publishing news should not spend more time than needed to finish his work, for the Internet cafes are the easiest to get to since the apostate security systems know the personal IP address of each one of them.

After each session, erase all temporary Internet files the dates and history and the 'cookies' and then close the browser to end all sessions. If you do not do this the the next person who uses the same computer will be able to enter the forum through your account. Do not forget to restart the computer before you leave.

Remark: in many instances, after erasing all the information, it will all come back when you open the browser; in this case you have to manually erase all entries.

Fifth, be careful of the files in the forums because some might contain spying files that would enable the person who is disseminating them to spy on your computer and know all the contents of your hard disk.

Sixth, if you are asked to install any program while browsing the forum, do not accept whatever the reason might be. There are programs that would enable the other side (intelligence agencies) to spy on your computer like certain Java mini-applications or 'Java applets.' As a matter of a fact, one of the intelligence agencies has set up an alleged jihadist forum, and after people started visiting the forum, they were requested to install little programs and other applications on their computer with the pretext that it would allow them to browse the forum. After a short while, personal pictures of people with their complete names and addresses were released after they were stolen from their personal computers.

It is important to point to a very important idea when dealing with
computers: never enter or keep correct personal information in the computer like names, countries, etc. whether during an installation or otherwise.

Seventh, if you are asked to give your email address in order to receive mail, refrain from doing so. Instead ask to be sent mail to your forum's email account if provided.

Eighth, when registering in more than one forum, do not use the same password. If one forum is infiltrated, your membership in other forums will still be kept secret. We strongly advise that you avoid using the same name in registering in more than one forum so your movements are not tagged along on the Internet. If you would like to publish the same material in more than one forum, tail it with words like 'copied from such and such forum' or other words that do not implicate you as being an originator of a publication but only a forwarder.

Ninth, do not give any specific information about yourself that would disclose your identity, not even the town in which you live. Do not give specific names of places or say you were at a certain place at a certain time or that you attended a sermon of such and such shaykh or things like that.

Tenth, if you like to get acquainted with people and make friends, consider that the jihadist forums are not the right place for you.

These are a few things that we wanted to bring to the attention of the people that visit the discussion forums on the Internet. 'But Allah is the best to take care (of him), and He is the Most Merciful of those who show mercy' (Yusuf 12:64).

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